Kevin Eliason | Solar Panels: The Next CEMEX Battle?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read all the legal mumbo jumbo concerning the eyesore solar panel war. Is this going to be the next CEMEX battle? That is still going on after 10 years at least. Solar panels are great as long as they are constructed in a neat, formal pattern as are many such displays around the area. 

Will these ever slide down the hill? Just a question. Also I am still waiting for those ugly eyesore billboards along Railroad Avenue and Soledad Canyon Road to come down, which we were assured by the city would happen… someday. In the meantime, keep building those new homes and create even more traffic nightmares. 

One last question: Will the Via Princess bypass road ever be completed now that construction is being done in portions of the contaminated property? Maybe Lois Eisenberg can get these problems resolved if the city can’t. 

That’s it, now back to my morning coffee…

Kevin Eliason

Santa Clarita

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