Local churches set to reenact the life of Jesus

Vasquez Rocks, file photo.

As part of the celebration of Easter, families will have the chance to go to Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park on Saturday or Sunday to watch a presentation reenacting the life of Jesus Christ, hosted by five Santa Clarita Valley churches.

“It’s quite powerful,” said Pastor Wayne Wilson of Acton Faith Bible Church. “People have an emotional reaction to what they see.”

Along with Crown Valley Community Church, Living Springs Foursquare Church and Shepherd of The Hills, the churches organize the performance with a running, recorded soundtrack. Those who performed years ago as children now take part in crucial roles, Wilson said, and added that his son will perform as one of the centurions who tortures Jesus.

“It’s fun to watch families go through it and children take part in roles as adults,” Wilson said.

Wilson noted that the park has been supportive of their shows, providing the perfect natural stage.

There will be a matinee show on Saturday at 1 p.m., followed by an early service at 5 a.m. on Sunday. Due to limited parking, it is recommended that visitors arrive half an hour early. There will be 800 seats available and will be first come, first serve.
For more information about the services and the performance, go to thesunriseservice.com.

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