Paige Weaver | Will You Fight for the Constitution?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Are you mad enough yet? We, as voters, have been sitting around for years watching things go from bad to worse, thinking that our opponents, while slightly different from us in philosophy, were nonetheless real Americans, believing as we do in inalienable rights, and our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution, which secures those rights. 

Recent events have shown us that nothing can be further from the truth. We have seen the complete dismantling and corruption of the rule of law and uniquely American concepts such as innocent until proven guilty in the ridiculous Mueller collusion mess as well as the Kavanaugh hearings, the Covington high school case and many other examples. 

On the philosophy side we find that politicians openly attack our many core values from our right to keep and bear arms to even our right to life, with the concept of infanticide against newborns being perfectly acceptable. Leftist college professors and administrators and even leftist K-12 teachers are now infamous in the art of restricting or preventing free speech. Probably more important to the future of our nation, many politicians are clearly hell-bent on the idea of abolishing capitalism in favor of the demonstrably failed tenets of communism/socialism.

Will you help in the fight to preserve and defend our Constitution and our nation? Here are some things to do:

— Get and stay informed. Don’t believe what you hear from either Democrats or Republicans simply because they are on your team. Do you believe, for example, that the world will end in 12 years unless we take the drastic actions of giving up our cars, abolishing air travel, and not heating or cooling our homes as suggested in the green new deal? Likewise do you believe that either party has a decent plan for health care?

— Read from various sources to inform your views. Do not depend on only Twitter or Facebook. Include your local newspaper as well as opposing TV channels and your own research.

— Read and understand the Constitution. Hillsdale college has free online courses, which are a wonderful resource.

— Keep track of your elected representatives and their votes. Write. Let them know what you think.   

Paige Weaver

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