Phyllis A. McKenna | Horton Can’t Get Over 2016

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read Gary Horton’s column (April 17) and he wasted a lot of ink deriding President Trump’s tweet empathizing with the French people about the devastating fire that engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral. 

It would appear to me that Gary will never get over the fact that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

One sentence by Trump was enough to push him over the edge into Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Further, he decided the French and the firefighters must be terribly insulted Trump was trying to tell them how to fight this fire. All of these assumptions from a one-sentence statement. 

As we continue with this brilliant analysis we get to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, whom Horton believes will be the next president in 2020. He speaks seven languages and he spoke to the French in French since he is fluent in French. Oh the beauty of it. How presidential! 

Once again we have Democrats in awe of their next potential presidential hopeful. We actually know nothing about Mayor Pete except he has been disrespectful of Vice President Mike Pence, who probably could care less if he is gay. 

What should be of concern to Americans is if he embraces the Green New Deal and other failed Democrat policies like Medicare for all. At the end of this column, Gary said his mother told him, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Perhaps he should have taken his mother’s advice and saved everybody a lot of time and a bit of ink. We already know Democrats hate Trump and call him every name in the book. 

And any other ideas?   

Phyllis A. McKenna


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