Duane Mooring | Leave Column Writing to the Pros

In response to John Weaver’s column on May 11, “What is the Truth About Climate Change?” — I wonder if others are as peeved as I am when I encounter yet another science denier’s professional take on science and scientists? This time, we have John Weaver giving us a lecture on CO2 and the environment. Oh? Why I never thought of it that way, John! You seem so smart the way you explain science to we the ignorant. I would trust you 10 times over NASA, or NOAA or any major university. You found that there are 50 scientists out there who deny climate change – just as you do. Amazing! That’s so much more believable than the 200 or so scientific organizations that support the science. 

And better yet – you’re writing for Right Here, Right Now – the same group that believes every word coming from Donald Trump – just like lovesick schoolgirls. I’m sold. Seriously, I wish The Signal would leave Valencia residents’ opinions (like mine and John’s) in letters to the editor and leave the columns to more interesting and qualified writers.

Duane Mooring