Duane Mooring | Trump Isn’t Above the Law

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Chris Allen’s column on April 27, “Don’t Let Media Do Your Thinking”: 

Chris’ column is another rant against the “mainstream media” in support of Donald Trump. 

This has got to stop. 

The mainstream media is Fox News and Fox News is obviously doing the thinking for Chris Allen. Chris’ “Right Here, Right Now” column continues Donald Trump’s lie that the Mueller report “does not have evidence to indict him.”

The report lays out many instances of obstruction of justice that would indict the president. The report also very specifically acknowledges that the Justice Department does not have the authority to indict a sitting president and leaves the evidence in the hands of Congress for the only redress available against a sitting president – impeachment. 

Chris and Fox News would have you believe that Donald Trump is above the law. Donald Trump is above the law only if our representatives in Congress will not follow their constitutional duty to hold him accountable.

Duane Mooring


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