Lois Eisenberg | Drastic Plastic Action Needed

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Without drastic action, our oceans will be polluted with more plastic, which will never go away.

Our oceans will be taken over by plastic that are suffocating our marine life. One of the culprits for this devastating pollution are grocery stores still handing out plastic bags at the checkout stand.

When entire loads of plastic are dumped into our oceans it is devastating our aquatic ecosystem across the globe.

The sea turtles and blue whales are going to be susceptible to extinction. Finding numerous plastic bags in the stomachs of the whales washed ashore is most disconcerting and heartbreaking.

One hundred million plastic bags alone are causing this disaster’s occurrence. The current overuse of plastics is hurting our economy, climate and environment. 

Just go to some of our beaches and see the disgusting plastics that are left on the beach. The current overuse of plastic bags is suffocating our well-being and all other living creatures.

Lois Eisenberg


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