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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The L.A. County supervisors have recently agreed to consider mobile homes as a possibility for housing the homeless and the Santa Clarita Valley has two good locations to do so. 

Letters from both Karla H. Edwards and Mary Martin have been printed about the abandoned mobile home park on Soledad near the Canyon Country Post Office and although those homes may be beyond repair, there are at least 30 foundations for mobile homes existing with all utilities in place. A good place to start.

The second place is “River’s End” on Soledad further out on the south side of the 14 Freeway. A former “travel village” type place, there are now no more than three to four motor homes visiting. The numerous cement foundations are barely visible, but it is safe to assume that utilities exist to each. What a perfect place for the city to invest  “open space” funds! 

It may seem a little far out, but we are told that families with children are living in their cars and this would be an improvement once either mobile homes or “Tiny Houses” are installed.

Research shows that “Tiny Houses” can be purchased for approximately $40,000 in Arizona, a fraction of the estimated costs proposed by the city of Los Angeles, which were first $500,000 per family then decreased to as low as $140,000 per family when they realized they had spent millions in an attempt to house families and this year’s budget is almost depleted. Thus the headline, “Mobile home plan OK’d.”

And Santa Clarita can be first in implementing the “County Mobile Home Program.”

Marybelle Knight

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