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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Beverley Scott illustrated her ignorance of the Mueller report in her May 2 commentary on “The Russian Collusion Delusion.” She apparently has not read it, but instead regurgitated the talking points of the ardent defenders of the president. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller never used the word “collusion” because it is not a legal term. He investigated “coordination” between the Russians and the Trump campaign, and the possible legal implications under conspiracy statutes. Just read the introduction in the first few pages of the report. One does not have to read the entire 448 pages. Ms. Scott describes the Volume 1 conclusion as “NO COLLUSION.” 

This is patently false, and puts the rest of her commentary in question. And rightly so, upon reading.

The Signal did a disservice to its readers by publishing her politically biased diatribe. Even though this may just be an opinion, and like noses, everyone has one, it is just so full of false political rhetoric that it represents a monumental waste of paper and ink.

Thomas Oatway


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