How parents can create time together

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Starting a family often requires changing routines. Very often homes become child-centric as activities revolve around the kids. While it is important to be supportive of youth, it’s also essential for parents to stake out some alone time so they can enjoy life together.

Marital therapists often state that the first year after a first child is born is the biggest threat to a couple’s relationship. Therapists often point out the need for parents to work hard to balance their priorities in order to maintain the family unit, and that means making more time for themselves apart from the kids.

Parents need time now and then to remember that they’re not just parents but also husband, wife, friend, coworkers and more. Here are some ways that parents can accomplish just that.

Embrace the date night

Schedule times to be alone with your spouse. The problem with parents not getting enough “me” time is profound enough that the government in Norway, in response to rising divorce rates, issued a plea for parents to embrace “date nights” more frequently. Spontaneous nights away are nice, but even scheduled dates can fit the bill.

Spend time at home

Enforce bed times and routines so you can enjoy unencumbered time together. If the kids are bound to sabotage these efforts, call in a favor from a friend or relative to distract the kids elsewhere in the home while you can recharge together.

Draw a line

There is a fine line between being an engaged parent and being too heavily involved. Be supportive of kids without doing all the work for them or feeling the need to consistently be involved in every detail of their lives. This will free up time and brain power to engage in things with a spouse.

Perform activities together

If date night doesn’t fit in the budget, find less expensive ways to spend time away from the kids. Adolescents may be able to stay home for an hour alone, and you can take a walk around the neighborhood, go for a scenic car ride or even just make a trip to the supermarket together.

Making a conscious effort to enjoy adult time can improve relationships with spouses, which can have positive, trickle-down effects on family life.

— Metro Connection

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