Kathy Sube | Congress Must Fix Health Care

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Letters to the Editor
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As a daughter of a father suffering from Alzheimer’s and a grandmother to a 12-year-old granddaughter who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I am beyond passionate about access to prescription medication and pushing medical innovation forward. 

For the last four years I have helped my father manage his disease and over the past several months, I have started to do the same with my granddaughter. Between caring for my family and working a full-time job, my day-to-day can be overwhelming. 

While I am extremely appreciative of the medical professionals who have helped, trying to navigate the health care system has been a nightmare. At times, my father has not been able access the right medications because certain insurers only cover certain drugs, while my granddaughter had to jump through countless hoops just to get approval for her insulin prescription after spending a week in the hospital. 

It has become clear to me through my experience that the only way our health care system can be fixed is by Congress. Which is why I want to urge our leaders to take immediate action to ensure that all patients have access to the medications they need and are never boxed out by absurd barriers thrown up by insurance providers, as well as enact legislation that creates an environment where pharmaceutical companies can innovate and create cures, not just treatments. 

My granddaughter, father and millions of Americans are relying on Congress to do the right thing, I certainly hope they are up to it.

Kathy Sube


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