The benefits of smart irrigation systems


The world has a water problem. Though the planet is 70 percent water, according to the World Bank, estimates indicate that with current population growth and water-management practices, the world will face a 40 percent shortfall between forecast demand and available supply of water by 2030.

Conservation is one of the ways the world can confront its water problem head-on, potentially preventing billions of people from facing a water scarcity in the years to come. One of the ways people in the developed world can help to conserve water is by employing smart irrigation systems in their homes.

Smart irrigation systems employ a similar type of smart technology many homeowners already rely on inside their homes. By employing such technology in their lawns and gardens, homeowners can reap many of the same rewards they enjoy by using smart home systems inside their homes, all while benefitting the planet.

  • Some smart irrigation systems can recognize the local weather. Many smart irrigation systems connect to the internet via homeowners’ Wi-Fi. This allows the systems to take current weather into account before watering lawns and gardens. For example, a smart irrigation system can identify if it recently rained and cancel a scheduled watering. This helps homeowners avoid watering lawns and gardens when nature has already done the watering for them.
  • Smart irrigation systems can save homeowners money. While smart irrigation systems can cost several thousand dollars, those costs can be recouped over time. Smart irrigations systems can detect when cooler weather has arrived, turning down water output as a result. That conserves water and saves homeowners money. When coupled with the savings they’ll realize because their irrigation systems aren’t water during rainy periods, homeowners will soon be on track to recouping their smart irrigation investments.
  • Smart irrigation systems conserve water. People in the developed world are accustomed to having water at the ready. But many people across the globe enjoy no such luxury. For example, the organization Save the Water™ notes that the average American uses 2,000 gallons of water every day, while the average African family uses just five gallons of water each day. Much of that disparity can be traced to a lack of access and scarcity of supply in the undeveloped world. By utilizing technology like smart irrigation systems, homeowners can help ensure there is sufficient water for everyone, regardless of where they live, in the coming decades.

Smart irrigation systems are sound investments that can help conserve water and benefit future generations.

— Metro Connection

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