What to expect as your child enters toddlerhood

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, toddlerhood is one period when parents can expect their children to undergo significant changes.

Change is a constant in the lives of young children and their parents. As children grow up, they go through various developmental stages, each one bringing its own surprises and unique set of challenges.

Toddlerhood is one period when parents can expect their children to undergo significant changes. While the American Academy of Pediatrics notes that children’s physical growth and motor development slows during toddlerhood that does not mean kids won’t experience significant changes during this period in their lives.

In fact, according to the AAP, the intellectual, social and emotional changes kids experience as toddlers are considerable.

The following are some of the changes parents can expect as their youngsters enter into and advance through toddlerhood.

Growth and development

Children begin to walk alone during toddlerhood. Some may even pull toys, such as dolls or stuffed animals, behind them during this time. Parents may be concerned when they see their toddlers standing on their tiptoes, but the AAP notes this is perfectly normal. Kids also become more physically active during toddlerhood, as many learn to run and kick a ball at this point.

Social skills

Perhaps one of the more noticeable changes during toddlerhood is children’s enthusiasm about spending time with other children. As kids advance toward their preschool years, they become more excited by the sight of other children and the prospect of spending time with others their age. Children also begin to imitate others’ behavior during toddlerhood. Toddlers also recognize themselves as separate from other people, including their parents.

Cognitive skills

Children undergo significant intellectual changes during toddlerhood. At this point in their children’s lives, parents may notice their kids can now find objects even when they’re hidden two or three levels deep. For example, parents may need to get more creative and hide remote controls somewhere other than beneath a pillow on the couch. Children begin to play make-believe during toddlerhood as well. Kids also learn to sort items by shape and color at this point in their lives.

Toddlerhood is an exciting time for children and their parents. As children advance through this stage of their lives, parents may be surprised by just how quickly their youngsters seem to be changing

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