Linda Horton | Missing Doonesbury

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Letters to the Editor
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Re: the “Drawing Conclusions” cartoon on June 28: This political cartoonist equates the New York Times with terrorism for its apparent decision to discontinue editorial cartoons. I find running this cartoon very hypocritical on the part of The Signal since you no longer include the left-leaning comic strip Doonesbury in your Friday cartoon insert.  

I have noticed that The Signal has taken a more conservative bent since the last change of ownership/editorship and I can’t help but wonder if this is why Doonesbury lost its spot. 

I hope that you will reinstate Doonesbury, and I ask other readers who miss it as much as I do to let The Signal know we want it back in.

Linda Horton


Editor’s note: The selection of editorial cartoons on the opinion page is not at all related to the strips that are selected for the comics page, and politics is not a factor in the selection of strips that the paper subscribes to for the comics page.

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