Letters to the Editor

Lois Eisenberg | We Got Lucky, and Please Stay Safe

We are lucky that there were no deaths in the two recent earthquakes in Southern California with magnitudes of 6.4 and 7.1 on consecutive days, July 4 and 5.

Some of the aftershocks were just as scary and we can expect many more.

Instead of fireworks on the Fourth of July, Southern California didn’t want to be outdone with measly fireworks, feeling than an earthquake would be more dramatic, and lo and behold it was.

The L.A. area and surrounding areas felt the earthquakes with less intensity than at the epicenter in Ridgecrest. Extensive damage was done in Ridgecrest. We in the outer circle of the epicenter were spared.

An earthquake of a lower magnitude than 6.4 could cause more damage because structures have been weakened. Another earthquake of a 6.0 magnitude in the next week (after the quake) has a 27% possibility of happening. I’m hoping not!

Everyone should be prepared with survival equipment, I’m hoping!

We can now sing Carole King’s 1971 classic “I Feel the Earth Move.”

“California Here I Come” is not going to be popular anymore!

Lois Eisenberg



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