Lois Linnert | Differing Beliefs on Babies and Life

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This is in response to Hilmar Rosenast’s (June 12) letter, “A Baby Is a Baby, Period.”

I’m writing to let you know that I greatly respect your viewpoint on life and abortion. You believe life is “life” at conception and once life begins, it can never be willfully terminated. You state that you believe life should always be preserved and protected with absolutely no exceptions. 

Mr. Rosenast, your anti-abortion arguments are reasonable, heartfelt and sound, and you, I am sure, believe in them with all your being. 

But I, and millions of others, do not agree with you in your assumptions about life and abortion. We do not adhere to the dictates of the Catholic Church. We think for ourselves and have come to a different conclusion than the church and you. We believe that a grown mature woman is of infinitely more significance than a small bit of cells that rests initially in her uterus. It is she who has the right to make the decision as to how her life will proceed. It is not politicians and it is not the clergy that have the right to determine any woman’s future. She, with the help of her husband — or partner — and her doctor should be free to make a decision that is right for her.

Your beliefs are correct for you, Mr. Rosenast, but they are not correct for all others. Should not we Americans have the secure right to decide for ourselves when and if we are capable of giving life and capable of being responsible for the welfare of that life for perhaps 20 years or more?

Giving birth is not a 10-hour event. It’s a lifetime commitment. Many, for a variety of reasons, may not feel ready or capable of meeting this responsibility and thus should not give birth.

Life is precious and should be treated as such. There’s a quality to a life that should not be ignored. A “life” should be loved and cared for. A “life” should grow up in an environment that exudes acceptance and teaches self-worth so a child can grow up to be the best he can be. He should learn to be kind, compassionate and caring. The world is just too full of children who were never taught any of these values. 

So, Mr. Rosenast, please respect me and my ideas also. See my viewpoint and respect it as I respect yours. And, I’m not missing the point, because my feelings are just as valid as yours. This is the United States of America, where we can disagree and still both be right.

Lois Linnert

Santa Clarita

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