Patricia Babcock | ‘Pride Month’ Raises Questions

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The recent decision of the Santa Clarita City Council to recognize June as Pride Month (Signal front-page article, June 27) has left me with some serious questions. Chief among them is, “Why?” 

Why are we giving the LGBTQ community that represents less than 5% of the population in the whole United States an entire month to celebrate?

On our national calendar of holidays we give one day to mothers, fathers, veterans who have fought in wars to keep us who are here at home, safe. One Memorial Day for those who died in active military service. Arlington National Cemetery contains the remains of more than 400,000 people who have fallen, yet we remember them with just one calendar day a year.

While I am truly sympathetic to PFLAG, I think a council decision like this is unfair, arbitrary and discriminatory. It is unfair and unequal to the rest of the people and groups that are given days to celebrate and remember. It does not make me feel “safe, empowered, and supported” as said by Mayor Marsha McLean. 

If the council wants to add a day to the city calendar for LGBTQ community, then that would be acceptable in the light of equity and impartiality.

We need to get a balanced perspective in this matter, not an out-of-proportion sympathy toward one group to the exclusion of others in our community.

Patricia Babcock


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