John Boston: Shall We Merrily Move to Impeach Rep. Katie Hill


Dear Katie Hill,

Read, with interest, a quote from you. It appeared in a recent web issue of Time Magazine and was about the move to impeach President Donald Trump. Here’s the unedited paragraph:

“‘It’s not ideal for a lot of people to have to take that vote right now,’ one of them, Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., said Wednesday of impeachment. She (Hill) said ‘if and when’ the House votes on impeaching Trump, it should happen when ‘we can make sure our constituents understand and can get behind’ the move.”

Unless you’ve been terribly misquoted — and, my heavens, with the media, what are the odds? — these were your words. What you are saying, is that you’re in favor of impeaching the president.

I’m a news wonk and have followed all manner of hysteria flowing nonstop from your party on not just the president, but people who dare even question your view. You and the Democrats have wasted — willfully — tens of millions of dollars the last few years on a snipe hunt. You’ve also wasted time. Your time. Our time. The public’s time. Most of the foot-pounds of energy expended by your party, Katie, has been to overthrow the 2016 election and divide the country.

You said that we people in the Santa Clarita need to be informed and get behind removing a sitting president.

I’m sorry, Katie. Enlighten me. Inform me. “Woke” me. In clear, concise English, just what, exactly is it we constituents need to understand?

That your Democratic political operatives created a mud pie fake dossier? You and yours falsely linked the president-elect to a movement to overthrow the United States government. Everywhere — everywhere — investigators looked, they found nothing, nada, zeroes piled atop zeroes stretching to the next galaxy. The hilarious? Your guys stacked the deck. Your investigators all ended up being financial contributors to Hillary and YOU STILL COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING.

The only conspiracy going on was at the hands of bureaucrats, politicians and partisans — like you.

Let’s look at it this way, Katie.

You get elected to Congress. Granted. A suspiciously large fortune was spent by outside interests to get you elected in Santa Clarita in 2018 — $7.3 million — and that doesn’t include PAC money. So far, you’ve already raised $1.34 million for your re-election. Yup. Right. Left. Center. It doesn’t matter. We in the good ol’ Santa Clarita Valley have been targeted by outside interests. Your cute-as-a-boo-boo puppy image was plastered 24/7. You essentially bought your seat in Congress with outside cash.

OK. Fine. Ducky. Congratulations. Seriously. Congratulations. You found a way to get more votes with all that money. It’s legal.

Let’s play a little game of See What It’s Like To Walk In Another Person’s Shoes.

Let’s say you were running against me.

I lost. It’s not hard for you to imagine. You take your oath of office and start the daunting, Herculean and thankless-to-infinity job of being a congresswoman. But, early in your reign, with all that’s ahead of you, my friends and I start a long-range wicked campaign. It’s not to unseat your election. It’s aimed at ruining you. We try to throw you in jail. Making pariahs out of those who supported you. Like Shakespeare’s all-time great villain, Iago, I start whispering.

“Now you didn’t hear this from me,” I begin. “But I heard Katie Hill took a six-figure bribe from her own PAC money.”

I’m connected. I could get people I know to help spread the falsehoods.

“I heard she’s mixed up in the drug cartels. That’s where all that campaign money came from and you know she’s soft on crime.”

“Katie Hill needs to be investigated.”

“Katie Hill needs to be impeached.”

“Katie Hill needs to be in prison.”

How. Profoundly. Ugly. Wicked. Inappropriate. And perverse. Would. That. Be.

A pox on anyone who would do that to you.

That said, shouldn’t the same pox be applicable to anyone who would do that to their opponent?

I don’t know you from herbal tea. I’ve a sneaky suspicion your morning prayers, meditations or things to do don’t involve anything satanic.

I imagine and certainly hope you start and end the day with the intent to do some good and kindness.

But I cannot reconcile your stance, and especially your party’s stubborn, childish self-righteousness and self-defining only reason for being, on impeachment of a sitting president.

For what?

Aggressive tweets? The issue isn’t criminal behavior on the part of President Trump. Nor is the imagined collusion, conspiracy and competence. Your new, far left wing is the heart and soul of your Democratic Party, constantly in search of a crime beginning with the letter “C.” What’s next? Constipation?

The issue isn’t re-electing Katie Hill (D) in 2020.

The issue is that you, Katie Hill, are a series of votes for a once-fine and noble political party, that has tragically lost its honesty, sanity and ethical compass.

John Boston has penned more than 11,000 columns, blogs and essays, to go with 119 major writing awards.

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