Max Morgan | Crime Stats Don’t Paint Full Picture

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Signal as well as several local Facebook groups were quick to trumpet the 24% year-over-year drop in crime in the Santa Clarita Valley but, is the unadjusted “real crime” really down in the SCV? 

No thanks to Propositions 47 and 57, and Assembly Bill 109, arrests for many types of drug-related crimes go unreported. Likewise, if certain types of burglaries and property crimes do not meet a certain dollar threshold, no arrests are being made, no reports are being written, and no criminal cases are filed. It stands to reason then, at least for reporting purposes and on paper, crime will be shown to have gone down. 

Petty property crimes, as well as auto burglaries, seem to be way up this year in my neighborhood as well as in those of many of my friends. I’ve had tools stolen out the back of my work truck twice in the past two years. Many cars in my neighborhood as well as those of friends have also been broken into.

I’m not blaming Capt. Robert Lewis or his many hard-working deputies. They are just using a reporting system that was dealt to them by corrupt liberal Sacramento politicians who would rather portray criminals as “victims” than as the predators that walk among us.

The PC police in Sacramento are equally responsible for the exponential homelessness increase throughout California as well as in the SCV. Now it’s un-PC to refer to them as “vagrants” or “squatters” as they were just a few scant years ago, when they could be arrested for public intoxication, drug use, loitering, public defecation, trespassing, or for disturbing the peace. With no “homeless” arrests now being made and their only hope for drug or alcohol treatment in the jails or prisons no longer an option, is it any wonder that their numbers too are increasing?

Max Morgan


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