Richard Myers | Infuriated at Senate Over Gun Control

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

While I am of course saddened by the recent mass shootings in California, Ohio and Texas, I am infuriated with our weak-kneed Senate for not having the courage to pass stronger gun control measures.

After every massacre there are gatherings of those paying tribute to those killed and while I respect that, it seems to me that a better tribute would be to march on Washington to tell Sen. Mitch McConnell to move the gun control bills forward.

We need to wake Congress up to the fact that it’s not just mass killings. It’s that gun killing has become the norm in American life, and while there  is no solution that will prevent it all, there are some  measures that should be taken that will surely save lives.

I suggest either a march on Washington or a march on every state capitol in the land to let our elected public servants know that we demand they take action. Who would coordinate it? I have no idea but I would certainly join in the effort.

Richard Myers 


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