Betty Arenson | Letter Perpetuates Falsehoods

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Duane Mooring’s recent letter, “Tax Cuts for the Rich” (Sept. 5) insists on perpetuating so many falsehoods.

After the name-calling of Trump supporters, he states, “If you watch FOX news, you will likely never see a Trump lie challenged. FOX will never cover the lies….” yada, yada, yada. 

Either Mr. Mooring does NOT watch FOX enough to judge, or he just happened to miss Neil Cavuto take on Trump last week over a criticism of Trump after Trump criticized the network.

He must have a crystal ball telling us what is “most likely” to happen in the future with us being worse off than had the (tax cuts) never passed. Recognize it or not, right now 80% of American families ARE feeling the benefit.

These are but two of the farces. Mr. Mooring at other times offers that he believes that the Trump Administration forced people off of Obamacare by no longer making the purchase mandatory. 

Anyone, anyone can buy insurance if they want to. 

The erasure of the mandate simply allows people to make a choice. The real truth is this: the mandate of Obamacare as originally implemented forced people off of their plans into garbage expensive plans they could not afford. Therefore, they had to go without health coverage. 

I saw it in my own family. Undeniable.

Betty Arenson


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