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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Susann Rizzo, letters, Sept. 21.

You have my most sincere and deepest sympathies. When humankind first crawled forth, they brought with them deep-seated fears of the unknown that covered all the things they could not understand. They were beset with fears that to them had no answers and thus, lacking knowledge, they chose to hide.

We have dispelled the notion that the Earth is flat, but in the absence of a like circumstance, we find some elements of society hell-bent to replace it with the same level of fear.

Barrack Obama has designated himself the high priest of global warming and thus set about to make himself a millionaire. President Harry Truman said it best when he stated, “An honest man cannot gain wealth in politics.” You will note that former President Obama gained great wealth. ’Nuff said.

Now that we are focused on Obama, I’m sure you are aware of his purchasing a $14.8 million home on Martha’s Vineyard at sea level. Based on the evidence at hand, it seems that your best bet is to follow Obama closely and, if and when he heads for high ground, to take the same action. I am truly sorry that this has upset you.

Jim Horton


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