Accurate finds fulfilling new direction

The team at Accurate Freight Systems has grown into a new niche in fulfillment, part of a growing competitive market in the Santa Clarita Valley. Brennon Dixson | The Signal

Tony Demma remembers being in an office so small, he’d touch backs with a partner when he stood up. Today, Demma, company president, and his associates at Accurate Freight Systems are housed in the IAC Commerce Center, which has allowed them the opportunity to shift into new business ventures.

Demma has been in the freight industry for more than 30 years, and he’s used that experience to create a company that provides freight services and warehousing, along with a number of other services for residents who operate a small business.

“Whether it’s made by somebody with an established business or a person doing it from home,” Demma said, mentioning clients who make everything from lotions, pills and powders to shoes, soda and shampoo, “we are experts now at taking in and fulfilling orders for smaller companies.

“Most big companies have minimums. They only want to deal with people who are up and running,” Demma added. “But we say, ‘Give me your idea. We’ll help set you up with a manufacturer and take the product to the house.’”

Demma and Accurate Freight employees recounted many occasions when a company representative or regular resident has come to them with an idea but were in need of the marketing, packaging and other materials that usually accompany a product.

“We take people from idea to the customers,” Demma said, explaining how the company processes orders, matches clients to manufacturers and delivers the finished product to consumers’ doorsteps.

“Everything we do feeds into another part of the operations,” Director of Sales Jeff Evans said. “If we can get you in here — one way or another — we know we can do something to help,” whether that be providing storage for components, out-of-state shipping or even trade show services.

“It’s a competitive industry we’re in, but that’s why the fulfillment part and the warehousing part is so important,” Demma said, describing how each function of Accurate Freight’s business complements the others.

The company is able to do all of this thanks to the DLS Worldwide System, according to Evans, who said the system helps ensure warehousing, shipping, manufacturing and order fulfillments go smoothly.

“People find out you’re good at developing brands and they want to come work with you,” Demma said. “Add on the fact that we’re very sensitive in understanding people at their inception point and how we go above and beyond to take care of our people — and they have no reason to go anywhere else.”

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