Halloween costumes that should be popular this year

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Halloween is a chance to celebrate whimsy and fantasy and have fun. Halloween is not complete without dressing up in costumes and taking on an alternate persona.

Many of the costumes people will covet this year involve the movie and television characters that have entertained the masses in the months leading up to October. With that in mind, these get-ups are poised to be plentiful as kids and adults begin their hunt for Halloween candy.

“Fortnite” Gamers of all ages still can’t get enough of the multiplayer game that exploded on the scene in 2017. Fans are still going strong and may want to emulate their favorite characters from the battle.

“Spiderman” Peter Parker’s European trip is put on hold when he agrees to help Nick Fury uncover some mysteries. The latest Spiderman was highly anticipated, so Halloween revelers likely can’t wait to spin their own webs and don the suit.

“Stranger Things” The incredibly popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” has sparked an entire subculture of fans. Now in its third season, viewers have immersed themselves in 1980s pop culture and the lives of the main characters. Whether they choose to go as a Demogorgon, Eleven, Dustin, Mike or Will, the sci-fi show is sure to spawn some recognizable costumes.

“Infinity War” and “Endgame” Marvel gave fans two action-packed movies featuring a slew of characters from the Marvel cinematic universe. Fans can pick among Thanos, Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange, or any of their movie and comic book heroes for Halloween fun.

“Game of Thrones” Having recently finished its final season, “Game of Thrones” enjoyed a remarkable and wildly popular run. Based on George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the show became one of the most popular programs on television, attracting legions of fans following the antics in the Seven Kingdoms. People can pull from costumes emulating popular characters from the series.

“Disney” With the release of live-action versions of some of their animated films, Disney fanatics may once again channel Aladdin, Simba, Jasmine, Dumbo, and more.

These are just a few of the costumes that are prime to be popular among Halloween tricksters this year. (MC)

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