No. 2: Scott Wilk

Top 51 for 2021

“State Sen. Scott Wilk has shown time again and again to be an individual who has the patience, dedication and leadership abilities to serve the people of the Santa Clarita Valley. His character, understanding and care for his hometown make him an example for all public officials.”

— Richard Budman, Signal Publisher/Owner

State Sen. Scott Wilk identified
his goal of holding office at a young age, on a field trip to the state’s capitol in Sacramento. And, to anyone who knows him, his ability to relate to people and understand the concerns of his constituents make him a perfect fit.

Wilk was appointed to the Santa Clarita Community College District in 2006, with the voters sending him back in 2007 and 2011. After helping COC grow and expand, he went on to serve two terms as an assemblyman for the 38th Assembly District.

In 2016, Wilk was elected to represent the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas in the state Senate for the 21st District seat.

This year, Wilk serves as vice chair of four Senate committees, including the Education Committee, Agriculture, Rules and Governmental Organization. He’s also a member of the committees on Business, Professions and Economic Development; and Veterans Affairs.

While he’s taken a no-nonsense, fiscally responsible approach in a number of areas of governance, one of the biggest parts of his legacy will be the creation of the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency

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