No. 39: Marsha McLean

Top 51 for 2021

“Marsha McLean has been a voice for the city of Santa Clarita’s residents for decades, and as the mayor, has worked on behalf of the transportation, environmental and the public safety needs of the area.”

— Richard Budman, Signal Publisher/Owner

Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha McLean was first elected to City Council 17 years ago, and is currently enjoying the final quarter of her fourth term as mayor. She’s made a priority of protecting the SCV’s landscape throughout her career in public office.

After starting her involvement with the fight to preserve Elsmere Canyon, McLean also realized early on during her time in office the growing needs for more public transportation in Santa Clarita.

She’s committed herself to being an advocate for the transportation needs of our region, regularly pushing for more access for Santa Clarita Valley residents, whether that’s through trains, public transportation or better care for our roads.

She’s also been a supporter of small businesses, which are vital to the success of the local economy, the needs of which she understands as the owner of a family business. And, the voters have endorsed her advocacy by sending her back to the council to represent them multiple times.

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