No. 41: Carrie Lujan

Top 51 for 2021

“For the more than 30 years of its existence, the city of Santa Clarita has held a reputation for being one of the cleanest, safest communities in the state, if not the country, and city Spokeswoman Carrie Lujan has played an excellent job of upholding that legacy.”

— Richard Budman, Signal Publisher/Owner

Despite having one of the most visible and important roles in the city of Santa Clarita’s government, Communications Manager Carrie Lujan clearly has fun, as well. This comes through in how the city can land at or near the tops of rankings for all the desirable traits that families look for in cities — and also find time to lead her staff with outreach like the city’s public safety partnership with the Sheriff’s Station, or Sammy Clarita, a mini-mascot created for fun and games. 

Lujan came to the city in 2017, after working in various public-relations positions for the city of Santa Monica since 2013.

From coordinating the messaging during an emergency to leading the outreach to make sure that residents are as prepared as possible for when disaster strikes, Carrie Lujan’s experience in media, which extends to outlets throughout the state, has provided the city a steady and practiced voice.

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