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Over the years, I have been amused by the diatribes of Lois Eisenberg, who rails against anyone who doesn’t follow her leftist ideology. But her recent comments about our involvement (or not) in inducing Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden requires a response.

In her latest tirade (letters, Oct. 6), she goes after President Trump mercilessly, when there still is no evidence, as of yet, of a quid pro quo. And his request for their government to look into questionable activities may be legitimate. We simply don’t know. 

While going after Trump on virtually every issue, she failed to mention that Joe Biden, once becoming the point man on Ukraine, helped secure a $600,000 consulting gig with an oil and gas producer for his son, Hunter, even though his son had no background in this field. 

Last year, Biden bragged that he withheld a $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine, while vice president, until they fired a prosecutor, who just so happened to be looking into the dealings of the same oil company paying such a handsome fee to Hunter Biden. 

Perhaps the prosecutor was corrupt, as Biden claimed. But at the very least, Uncle Joe should have recused himself.

There was no mention of this by Ms. Eisenberg, who apparently considers all of this just fake news.

If she is so concerned about unsavory politics, she could explain the actions of the most corrupt politician in my lifetime, Hillary Clinton. 

I doubt it, because when you are so dedicated to leftist politics, telling the truth has little or no value.

Phil Neiman


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