Dennis Fuerst | ‘51’ Prophetic on Hill

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Letters to the Editor
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I recently had time to take a look at The Signal’s publication of the “51 Most Influential” people in the Santa Clarita Valley for 2019. Having read the comments of Signal Publisher/Owner Richard Budman for each person so recognized, I would like to say that he couldn’t have been more accurate when describing our former congresswoman, Katie Hill. In fact, he was downright prophetic. 

For those who may have missed this publication, listed below are Richard’s comments regarding Katie Hill in quotation marks and italics, followed by my thoughts on each of Richard’s comments.

“In a very short time, Congresswoman Katie Hill has made a national name for herself . ..” 

She certainly has, but not in a positive way. My friends and relatives in the Midwest and East are now fully aware of the congresswoman who until recently represented Santa Clarita. In fact, today (Nov. 8) the leading Michigan newspaper, The Detroit News, published an opinion article featuring the transgressions of Katie Hill.

“…and able to position herself in several high-profile roles in Congress.” 

You can’t begin to create a more high-profile role than the one she created with her disregard for common decency.

“…which continues to bring national attention to the 25th Congressional District.” 

It would be hard to imagine how a person could bring any more national attention to the 25th Congressional District. None of it positive. National publications such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, etc., have all published stories regarding Katie Hill’s dalliances. 

Let’s hope the citizens of the Santa Clarita Valley, and other locations within the 25th Congressional District, have the good sense to elect a new representative who more closely mirrors our area’s time-honored values.

Dennis Fuerst

Santa Clarita

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