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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Jonathan Kraut commentary, Nov. 12.

It is always amusing when liberals cite the disparity between themselves and conservatives. Right out of the chute, Kraut makes a statement about President Trump being the only bully around. Did you miss the Brett Kavanaugh hearings? How about Jerry Seinfeld’s declaration that he would no longer do shows on college campuses because of the intimidation that is so prevalent? 

These people have no tolerance for a different view on anything, including the weather.

It is a sad state of affairs when free speech is compromised. The United States is in deadly peril from this type of thinking. It is one of the main reasons why Trump was elected. He offered to fight on our behalf against the forces of tyranny that began gathering since the 1960s. Common sense has been compromised and in its place has arisen individuals who think they know better.

It may come as a shock to all the liberals out there that the individual is paramount. Without the individual, nothing gets done. It has always been the individual who has dragged us forward, not the committee or groupthink. The reason that public assistance doesn’t work is that it robs the individual of motivation, and without motivation, complacency is embraced.

Complacency is a death sentence.

You would think from reading Kraut that they and their ilk hold the high ground and yet when given a choice of electing a disgraced politician who had never accomplished anything or an outspoken individual who was able to see the wrong and move to fix it, the deplorable elected someone that they felt would fight on their behalf.

There are a lot of bad actors out there. People who don’t give two hoots in hell if our country goes to rack and ruin. We have volumes of history that can be poured over to learn the follies of the past. Our history tells us where we have been, where we are now and what our future will look like. When a group of people is endowed with such faulty thinking that they think that wrong is right and that unintended consequences are the price that has to be paid for living in this society, a hard look must be taken at what they preach.

We have an economy that is surging. This is the work of one man. He looked at the problem and eliminated the obstacles that had been put in our way. Climate change is a joke. The people who foster this view all have some financial goals that they are clinging to. Obama doesn’t even believe. He bought an expensive place at sea level. When he heads for higher ground and the Maldives start building dikes, then there might be something to it.

Jim Horton


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