Joe Mack | Vegans, Thanksgiving and Booze

Letters to the Editor
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If all of you vegans can’t control yourselves, please do NOT attend your non-believers (relatives) Thanksgiving dinners. One year I did have the unpleasant experience of doing so. I thought (in the interest of diversity) that people would be able to pick vegan or, non-vegan dishes. But,no, the virtue signaling creeps tried to make us carnivores feel guilty for eating some hapless turkey. In the center of the table was a tofu monstrosity, resembling (I assumed) a faux bird. Small talk gave way to condemning the Pilgrims. I could not see myself leaving, though I did promise myself never to return. A saving grace was the liquor cabinet, which was full. Perhaps a bit less so after I and other non-believers drank our fill.

Joe Mack


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