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Letters to the Editor
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Re: “Adios, Farewell, Commiefornia,” Brian Baker commentary, Nov. 5

I wish Mr. Baker a bon voyage and a happy life in his new paradise. As soon as I saw his column title I knew he had nothing positive to say and would resort to name-calling, and he didn’t let me down: “cesspool,” “insane,” “out-of-control,” “outrageous,” “inundation,” “mooches,” “third world,” “poop patrols,” “Dem/socialists,” “loony,” and “Commiefornia.” 

I’ve never seen so many derogatory terms in one column!

I moved to Saugus in 1966 and moved away for 30 years starting from 1984 to 2014. He was a “foreign service brat” and I was an Army brat. However, unlike him, I’ve lived and worked in communist and post-Soviet countries, dictatorships and “third world” countries. I note that “third world” is considered a derogatory term and ought to be replaced by “developing countries.” 

To compare California to them is laughable.

If Mr. Baker truly believes that California is communist or nearly communist, it is indeed a good choice for him to move away. I’m quite confident that he will find something to complain about in Colorado. If he thinks Colorado is going to be better because they allow (according to him) untrained people to carry concealed and unconcealed weapons, go for it. 

How about working to make changes instead of constant harping?

Patrick Comey

Santa Clarita

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