Dick Cesaroni | Beware the Coming New Tax Burden

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Subject: California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020

Attention all Republicans, Democrats and independents, I beg of you to read about the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 and how it is written to take billions of dollars away from you through a fraudulently written initiative.

What it is, is a move to pass the infamous “split roll” initiative that would remove one of Proposition 13’s most important protections – the limitation on annual increases in taxable value – from business and commercial properties. This would be another great tax burden placed on the shoulders of businesses. 

California is already the highest-taxed state in the nation and this act would devastate businesses and commercial holdings. The passage of this act would also be an attack on the other half of Proposition 13, and that is the homeowners tax increase protection.

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra has assigned his personal title to this bill instead of being non-partisan on the matter.

The way the measure is written does not say that the measure increases taxes. It merely says that it increases funding by changing the tax assessment.

Signature gathers who have set up tables outside major shopping centers with signs that read “ Sign here to Protect Proposition 13” or similar messages are not telling you the truth. 

Countless voters have been tricked into signing petitions based on these misrepresentations. Don’t sign these petitions. If you have already signed these misrepresented petitions, you can take your name off of it by going to www.HJTA.org.

If any signature gatherer tries to tell you that a current initiative petition protects Prop. 13, or that they are representing the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, it’s a lie.

I don’t mind a fair petition, but tricksters, hooligans and liars such as Gov. Gavin Newsom and Becerra I won’t stand for. 

Read everything before you sign.

And please, sign the “RECALL NEWSOM” petition.

Just one taxpayer’s opinion

Dick Cesaroni


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