Gil Mertz | What the Left Fears Most on Trump

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As the left and the media have been lighting their hair on fire daily with their baseless scandal du jour against President Trump, he has quietly appointed nearly one in four of all federal circuit court judges in America. In addition, he has confirmed 114 district court judges, 43 court of appeals judges, and could even flip California’s embarrassing Ninth Circuit court. 

President Trump has also gotten two justices confirmed on the Supreme Court for the first conservative majority since the 1930s. The Supreme Court under a President Clinton would now have a 6-3 liberal majority. By the end of a second Trump term, there could be a 7-2 conservative majority. 

And this is why the left and the media are driven to such psychotic episodes. With their ideology so far out of the American mainstream, the political left sees the courts as their only remedy to force their dogma on the rest of us. 

We have abortion on demand today, not because of a vote from our citizens, but by government decree in the courts. More than 30 states successfully voted to define marriage between a man and a woman, but over 50 million votes were overturned by the courts. 

We see this at play right now. Rather than trusting Trump’s future to a vote by the American people less than a year from now, what is the left trying to do? Remove him through impeachment in the courts. 

If America’s courts do not stay reliably liberal, the left will lose their biggest weapon, which is why Trump absolutely must be destroyed at all costs. 

Make no mistake, this is what is behind Trump Derangement Syndrome. Ironically, the thing Democrats fear the most is democracy.

Gil Mertz

Thousand Oaks

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