Lois Eisenberg | Shameful Republican Behavior

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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To destroy the truth the Republicans confused matters with their clownish tactics and actions during the impeachment inquiries.

We should remember that many years ago the Fascists spread confusion for the purpose that the people would believe the lies were true.

President Trump and his ilk have this in mind that the impeachment inquiries are a hoax and a sham.

These Republicans claim they are the true patriots, and that they alone truly love America.

These so-called patriots have followed suit by also denying the climate crisis, and they stand firm with Trump that it is OK to solicit foreign meddling in the United States elections.

These Republicans’ behavior is a sham and shameful. These Republicans are acting like they are under the spell of a dictator, and they are acting that if you lie enough it becomes the truth.

What is also shameful is that the president placed his personal interests above the national interest of the United States.”

Lois Eisenberg


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