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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Ah, another conservative diatribe from the Baker/Mertz cabal, this one from Jim Horton (letters, Dec. 19). You can (learn about the author) by counting the number of times the word “liberal” is included, in this instance, five. The use of “liberal” as a pejorative is a common tactic on the right. It is tiresome but evidently makes them feel better.

Even by Republican standards, his essay is remarkably fact-free. As he freewheels from impeachment, patriotism (as defined by Horton), climate change, the economy, and state corruption, not one single fact is provided as evidence in support of his assertions. This is typical of most Republican rants, but is nevertheless tiresome.

Particularly egregious was Horton’s harping on the conservative mantra that California is a hellhole for businesses, and that “people and businesses are leaving this state in the thousands.” Strong words by Horton, but not true. Populations grow or recede based on a number of factors, including births, deaths, immigration, emigration. It is true that in 2018 California had its lowest percent increase in population, but it was still an increase of 187,000. 

California is also the fifth largest economy in the world. The next state ranked would be Texas at No. 10. California created 47,000 new businesses in 2018, two and a half times Texas’s total of 18,000. 

Again, Mr. Horton, facts, not your wish list. If California is such a horrid place to live and work, how come we don’t have a program like Topeka, Kansas? Why is this supposed mecca of business paying (begging?) people to move there?

I realize letters to the editor are expressions of opinion, but really, they should get their facts straight.

Lynn Wright


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