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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

My candidacy for California’s 25th Congressional District commenced October 2019. There were other candidates who had entered several months prior. 

I took a close look at the candidates who were running for California’s 25th Congressional District and saw hints of personal agenda and motives. Tweets, speech without substance, a level of misinformation and lack of knowledge, large sums of money, astronomical personal loans, and limited community investment have been giveaways. 

As a 30-year resident of Santa Clarita, this is the time for a meritorious, U.S. Marine Corps campaign service medal veteran with three decades of collaboration and leadership experience in the district and Southern California to serve — a representative of the constituents, by the constituents, and for the constituents with time-tested leadership, and a lifelong vested interest in the health of our community.

I have a 30-year proven track record of success, collaboration, and contributions to our district building out high tech, telecommunications services and infrastructure, which includes school districts, hospitals, first responders, government entities, agencies such as Homeland Security and Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), small and enterprise businesses. I have been the recipient of many industry awards and recognitions, as well as a key player in domestic and international deregulation that has been critical to the progress and health of our economy. 

No other candidate has the history, experience, authentic knowledge and education that I bring to the table. I am a representative who will deliver results with wisdom, sensibility, knowledge, experience and leadership supported by integrity and a strong work ethic that you can count on.

My experience and leadership is backed up with a great education achieved while supporting a family and working a full-time career. I received a bachelor of science in telecommunications engineering with a second concentration in applied computing from Rochester Institute of Technology, a master of science in engineering management from California State University Northridge, and a top 10 executive MBA from Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. 

As an executive leader, I also received specialized leadership training at the SMU Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center. 

I have heard the other candidates speak of economics, capitalism, budgets, commerce, education, and several other issues and topics superficially as talking points, but no depth of knowledge and experience to back up the speech. This seems to be a commonplace in Congress.

As for my early life, this began in rural western New York state. My early life was an environment of humble origin where one had to have a deep passion to succeed given the scarce external support and resources in a rural environment. 

From age 10, I began playing drums and percussion. Throughout my middle and high school years I excelled in concert band, marching band, drum and bugle corps, and jazz-rock band. Sports were also a passion. As a competitive swimmer, I would set my first varsity record as a high school freshman and lead the swim team to many championships in the district and tri-county area while establishing numerous pool and school records. 

I am a 15-year former martial arts practitioner. To this day, I continue my passion for music and masters swimming in the community.

From a historical perspective of 400 years fighting for liberty, justice, equality and the American Dream, my ancestors include Joseph Jenks Sr., among America’s founders; Joseph Jenks Jr., American industry pioneer and founder of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, birthplace of American industry; numerous Revolutionary War soldiers and Union soldiers of the Civil War, abolitionists, World War II and Korean War veterans on both my paternal and maternal side. I am a second-generation U.S. Marine Corps veteran. 

I have stood for the same for all of my adult life, and I will continue this tradition and fight as your congressman. My relatives included the likes of Amelia Jenks Bloomer, and the trio of Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Jenks, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Thomas Allen Jenks (also spelled Jenckes) wrote the bill that established the Department of Justice. Also, a signatory of the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery in America and father of civil service reform. 

I know what is at stake for our state, this great country and the defense of our Constitution!

 Following military service, supporting and raising a family in the 25th District, and a three-decade-long career, I am running for California’s 25th Congressional District to serve my constituents, restore faith in representation, and deliver results for all of us as your voice.

Kenneth Jenks is a candidate for the 25th Congressional District.

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