Mike Garcia | Why a Candidate Runs for Office: It Matters

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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By Mike Garcia

25th District Candidate 

I have been running for California’s 25th Congressional District seat for almost a year. The competitors I was running against over the summer have all dropped out of the race, including Katie Hill. Today, with less than seven weeks until the primary and special election on March 3, I now have 17 total competitors who have recently joined the race. 

As a patriot, I encourage all Americans to participate in government. In that regard, this influx of candidates in the wake of the Hill resignation is encouraging. However, I come back to the question every voter should ask, “Why is this person running?” Since day one I have emphasized the importance of understanding “why” someone decides to run. The “why” defines the candidate’s true intentions. It defines allegiances and explains motives. It gives us insight into how they will behave and who they will really represent if elected. 

My reason for running is simple. I don’t want my country to turn into what my state has become. California is an example of what a tax-and-spend government without strong leaders looks like: high taxes, poor management of tax dollars, and terrible results. When I see Hill and Christy Smith in office or running to represent us, I cannot simply sit on the sidelines. Frankly, I can’t afford it. None of us can.  

I am running because I feel strongly that our nation is forgetting about our history and the importance of the Constitution, capitalism and competition (what I have dubbed “the three big C’s”). My allegiance is only to the United States and my motives are driven by a desire to see this great nation thrive for centuries to come. It was the same driving force behind my decision to join the Navy and fly F/A-18 Super Hornets in combat in the skies over Iraq. 

In running for Congress I am aware of the sacrifices I and my family will make. I’m not doing this for the money or quality of life. But my wife, Rebecca, and I have a strong family foundation and will survive and thrive as a family unit as my kids recognize the importance of what is as stake. 

I have been in this race from the beginning because I am a fighter who does not shy away from challenges. Nobody else in this race can say that. While I am not a professional politician, I have a proven track record of applying my talents and excelling, even in new environments. Serving as your representative in Congress will be no different: I will hit the ground running and I will be a leader in D.C. and in California as I have done in every military and civilian position I have held. 

The reasons for running for office matter. California is the product of poor leadership, far-left policies, high taxes, poor program execution and no oversight of the expenditure of our precious tax dollars. I saw after the 2018 election that our nation was heading in that direction as well. After serving my nation in the military as a combat fighter pilot for nearly 20 years, after 10 years of leading large and small organizations in the business world, and despite having a great life with a beautiful family and a fantastic job, I am compelled to serve my nation again, this time in Congress. I am not a professional bureaucrat or career politician. I’m a qualified and concerned patriot and businessman. I’m running for the right reasons and I humbly ask for the support of all Americans in the 25th District of California. 

Mike Garcia is a Republican candidate for the 25th Congressional District. 

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