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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A recent letter to the editor began with “I’m glad our fighter is back” and continued with praise of former Rep. Steve Knight. The comment could not be more erroneous. One cannot come back to where he never was in the first place.

It’s a big negative having Steve interlope into the race nearly one year after his earned loss to scandal-ridden Katie Hill. His campaign in that race could not have been more lackluster and was only outdone by his unwillingness to fight Hill and her supporters with their vicious, vile filth and lies. 

Over one year ago, many, including me, wanted Steve to come out of the gate beefed-up and ready to battle the 2020 election after the shocking victory of novice Hill. Irrespectively, Steve was adamant he was out of the game. As time has shown, Steve had the right idea! He has continued making it quite clear he neither supports our president nor a border wall. 

With that, a viable candidate had to be found and we did. His name is Mike Garcia and he could not be more fitting for the job. 

Mike is a fighter, hands down. He has a resumé that can only be described as stellar and loaded with impressive accomplishments. He is accessible, personable, measured, thoughtful and focused. Proof? The man flew an F/A-18E Super Hornet supersonic jet, accurately dropping targeted bombs in a combat zone, multiple times, then took the aircraft back to a floating, unsteady “tarmac” called an aircraft carrier deck…at night. I need not elaborate on Mike’s ability to focus and make wise decisions. That resumé also includes being a small business owner and working as an executive handing massive budgets for a global company. 

Our government spent a minimum of $3 million training Mike and he gave 18 years of his young life serving in the military in many aspects, including training other pilots. I suggest you read his published series, “Who is Mike Garcia?” openly explaining his experiences, his life, his mission and how he came to be a candidate. 

Steve denied that he’d run for this congressional seat up until a few days of announcing the opposite. One does not just wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to run for a U.S. congressional seat today.” Not to mention waiting nearly one year then meddling. Clearly there was motion behind the curtains; name it as you wish; I’ll be modest and call it conniving. 

The most glaring statement of the aforementioned letter to the editor is, “We need for the special election to fill the remaining five months of Katie Hill’s term.” Apparently he has no plans to campaign let alone prevail in the primary or general election. 

The 25th has endured enough of seat-warming congressional terms with Hill’s approximate nine months and now Steve Knight’s request for five months. 

No fighter, no filler, no thanks.

You know the theme: First time shame on you; second time shame on me.

Betty Arenson


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