Betty Arenson | Smith Campaign Ad Begs Questions

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

California Assemblywoman Christy Smith is running for the state’s 25th District congressional seat. Accordingly, she has a puzzling television ad running frequently. 

In the video she speaks of her mother dying because she was a diabetic and could not afford the insulin she required. That circumstance of losing a parent is very sad and that grief is not to be diminished. However, separate from that acknowledgement is the overall oddity of the campaign commercial; the peculiarity is the glare of the missing information.

There is no mention of Christy’s age at the time. Was she an adult capable of giving her mother the aid she needed? There is no information of available insurance or any mention of the husband/father. Christy says her mother was “a lifelong nurse.” What time frame was this death? Was this lady in a union? One of the priorities of unions is bargaining for generous health insurance benefits for members. If there was no beneficial insurance, it’s odd that a career nurse would not have an array of connections for assistance in such a dire situation.

The culminating message of the video is that Christy Smith wants to be elected to Congress to essentially assure proper health care for all. Considering all of the omissions, it’s not problematic or difficult to view and conclude this campaign ad as disingenuous.  

Betty Arenson


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