Gil Mertz | A Great Week for Trump

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The week started with Gallup poll numbers showing President Trump’s highest approval rating ever. What a repudiation of the Democrats’ embarrassing impeachment scam. All Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi and Co. did was make Trump more popular.

Trump then broke Barack Obama’s old record for votes at the Iowa caucus, which is especially amazing for an unchallenged incumbent. Meanwhile, Democrat turnout was less than expected and they were nationally humiliated by their incompetence to name a winner. And Joe Biden, who Democrats said Trump feared so much that he asked Ukraine for help, came in a distant fourth place.

President Trump rose to the occasion last week and delivered his finest speech of his political career at the State of the Union address. Polling showed 76% of viewers liked it, including 82% of independents and even 30% of Democrats.

It was heartwarming and inspiring, but watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rip up the speech was priceless. She brought shame upon herself and her party as all of America witnessed her meltdown. You couldn’t pay for this kind of footage for future ads showing why Pelosi must be fired permanently.

And then President Trump was acquitted of the fictitious charges of impeachment, which sent the stock market to new record heights as it soars close to 30,000. America got to see how Democrat “lawmakers” put their political party over the rule of law, but that’s what Democrats always do. And Nancy, Trump will now be forever not guilty of your failed impeachment.

Trump’s amazing week was topped off with Friday’s jobs report, which exceeded expectations yet again with 225,000 jobs added in January and the unemployment rate staying at a nearly 50-year low.

And the bonus was that Trump forced nearly every Democrat in Congress to attend Rush Limbaugh’s award ceremony!

Gil Mertz

Thousand Oaks

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