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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Integrity, a word that can mean so much if applied to life, and if not applied with purposes becomes a hollow imitation of reality. Many people are searching for integrity in their elected representatives in government and, in many cases, these people fall far short of our expectations. 

I am writing on behalf of Mike Garcia. Mike takes integrity as a serious issue. We have had a representative resign in disgrace from the 25th Congressional District. Katie Hill comes to mind. We now have the second incarnation of Hill in Christy Smith. These two are so similar that their words are interchangeable. Hill told us prior to the election of all the things that she was going to do, and when she landed on Capitol Hill, she quickly became a Democratic flunky for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment hoax.

We need a representative who will work for the 25th District and at the same time work to better all Americans. Mike has a background that is unique among those running to represent the 25th District. He graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis, and became a Navy pilot, flying combat missions over Iraq. Personal bravery is not a distinction that separates one person from the next. Personal bravery is the act of accomplishing something when you are scared to death. Mike is uniquely endowed to represent the 25th District with courage, skill and a fearlessness that is not displayed be any of the other candidates.

The dictionary defines integrity as, “Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.”

No single sentence can describe Mike Garcia better.

Elect Mike Garcia to the 25th Congressional District and let’s end the charade that the House of Representatives has become.

Jim Horton


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