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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Seventy-eight years ago, Executive Order 9066 was signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the internment of Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941.

The federal government  in 1988 apologized to the Japanese-Americans who were interned and provided financial compensation to the living internees.

The California (Assembly voted Feb. 20) to render an apology for these Japanese-American internments for the injustice that was shown them.

California at that time led the racist anti-Japanese-American movement.

There were two camps in California, one of which was Manzanar in Lone Pine and the other in Tule Lake.

I visited the Manzanar internment camp many times with my family on the way up to Mammoth or on our way down from our many fishing outings.

My husband and I emphasized to our children how wrong the internment of the Japanese-Americans was and the injustice that was rendered.

While our nation is hopelessly divided, President Trump is adding to the injustice by interning the immigrant families and their children by keeping them in cages.

Will we not learn from our past how injustice was perpetrated by interning the Japanese-American people?

As long as we have this corrupt administration horribly governing the United States we are in for a sad awakening.

So be aware, America, your nationality and your religious beliefs are in jeopardy.

Lois Eisenberg


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