Phyllis A. McKenna | Garcia Well-Qualified for Office

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Mike Garcia is a well qualified conservative Republican who will do the 25th District proud as our representative in the House. 

Steve Knight needs to step aside. He had his chance and did not work to defeat the now-disgraced Katie Hill. 

Christy Smith just called for $20 million to implement Assembly Bill 5, a very controversial measure forcing independent contractors to become employees and thus union members, increasing the money unions already pay to the Democratic party. 

Smith has also demonstrated her opposition to school choice by supporting a bill to limit charter schools. This decreases competition and forces the average student into the failing public school systems.

In addition, she tried to destroy a local businessman by asking his (customers) to boycott his business because she disagreed with his conservative views. She failed to destroy him and put him and his employees out of a job. 

If she is elected, she will be Katie Hill lite. She will be Nancy Pelosi’s protege, doing everything she is told to do, including a new impeachment fiasco, most likely. 

Mike is a retired Navy fighter pilot and a successful businessman. Do not be fooled by Christy Smith — she will be just as radical as Nancy Pelosi.

Phyllis A. McKenna

Stevenson Ranch

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