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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m an NPP (no party preference) voter who switches to vote in Republican primaries as necessary. My family of five registered voters has been supporting Mike Garcia for Congress since his campaign kickoff in April 2019.

In our opinion, Mike best represents our values of a limited federal government of enumerated powers, individual rights recognized by our Constitution, originalist/contextualist judicial appointments, fiscal restraint, and strong national and border security.

Everyone should be familiar by now with his exceptional naval aviator experience and rank. His honorable service to our nation speaks for itself. I will note you can’t qualify as a naval aviator and officer with an average IQ.

Additionally, Mike has long-term executive experience in very large projects in our largest local industry, i.e., aerospace.

The latter is quite important as professional experience in Pentagon and NASA RFP/RFQ, contracts, and the supply chain isn’t something you pick up in a few industry briefings.

The jobs in our aerospace industry are high-quality and stable, with excellent family-supporting benefits, paying mortgages and higher-education tuitions.

Additionally, Mike and his wife, Rebecca, have small-business experience, running successful real estate investing and interior design businesses, respectively.

I have decades-long professional experience at the Fortune 500 level and am quite familiar with what effective executive leadership and dynamism looks like. Mike Garcia has it and doesn’t need to learn it on the job. There’s no other candidate, including those arriving late to the campaign, in the 25th District congressional race who can match his resumé and skill stack.

Let’s put him to work representing us in the Antelope, Santa Clarita and Simi valleys.

Ron Bischof


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