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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There is an election scheduled for May 12 to decide who will complete the House of Representatives term of the disgraced Katie Hill. It will again be seen over by the Democrats who authored the last boondoggle. It seems that the Democrats have a talent for choosing the incompetent to head up their projects and they are consistent with it.

The election will pit Republican Mike Garcia against Democrat Christy Smith. The last Democrat this district sent to Congress was folded into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s web and did not function as an independent legislator. Ms. Pelosi crowned Ms. Smith early on so we can expect the same lack of proper vetting.

I have never met Christy Smith but I am sure that she is a nice person who is loved by her family and has many friends who wish her well. The problem is that the Democrats, like the national socialists, do not allow for any independent thought. 

As we saw with Katie Hill, any independent thought that she may have had was buried under Pelosi’s impeachment rant. Common sense flies out the window when uncontrollable hate is the order of the day.

Mike Garcia, on the other hand, can think for himself. He flew 30 combat missions over a war zone, taking off and returning back to an aircraft carrier. 

That, to a lot of people may seem like nothing, but in actual fact, it takes a combination of guts, grit, quick thinking and intelligence to pull it off. Not only is it not for the faint of heart, but also the requirements change a person dramatically. It requires an independent thinker to be persistent and undistracted to achieve the goals of the mission.

We have all seen what chaos the Democrats have caused by mismanagement of and in the state of California. 

We do not want this same chaos taken to the national level. Elect Mike Garcia on May 12. 

Jim Horton

Santa Clarita

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