Karla H. Edwards | Don’t Read and Drive

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Interesting that people are worried about being around others for fear of the virus, but they don’t seem to worry at all about driving the streets of Santa Clarita. With speed demons on McBean Race Way driving 55 or 60 mph and tailgating to boot, many on their cell phones, and those turning right on a red light without checking oncoming traffic, seem to me to be something to really be concerned about. 

Last week, driving north on Interstate 5, a car passed me and I was shocked to see the driver had a newspaper he was reading propped up on his steering wheel. I was so shocked I dropped my lipstick into my cup of coffee.

Karla H. Edwards

Editor’s note: We’re conflicted. While we hope that motorist was reading a copy of The Signal, we do not advocate reading The Signal while driving.

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