Paige Weaver | Don’t Increase Pelosi’s Power

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Letters to the Editor
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For several weeks, the president and the Congress have been negotiating a “rescue package” aimed at mitigating some of the economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The package, as advertised by both political parties, would provide things like: direct payments to individuals; grants to small businesses to help them remain in business over the long term; and grants or bridge loans to larger corporations, especially vital infrastructure businesses such as airlines that are absolutely necessary.

Early on, the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer began to demonstrate their intent to invoke the Rahm Emanuel rule to “never let a crisis go to waste.” 

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-South Carolina, declared to colleagues the coronavirus bill is a “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” 

On March 23, Nancy Pelosi marched in to gum up the works at the last minute with her demands. 

These included: paying off post office debt; paying off student debt; new emission standards for aircraft; solar and wind power subsidies; new regulations for corporate board diversity; same-day voting requirements; and many other items on the left’s agenda that have nothing whatever to do with the crisis at hand.

I have some problems with the idea of using the federal government and federal dollars to solve the crisis, largely because I question whether it will work. 

However, I also think that most politicians are sincere in their efforts to help. 

That is not true for Pelosi, Schumer, and their ilk. 

Using a crisis to blackmail America and Americans to get their way is cynical, unconscionable, and fascistic.

In most of California, not much can be done to deter the likes of Pelosi and Schumer. In our 25th Congressional District, however, we can send a message. 

In May and again in November, Mike Garcia (Republican), faces Christy Smith (Democrat) to fill the seat formerly held by Katie Hill. 

I would argue that Garcia is, by far, the more qualified candidate. 

But even if that were not true, each voter must think long and hard before voting to increase Pelosi’s power by voting for Smith. 

Paige Weaver


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