Ron Singerman | Supermajority Doesn’t Serve Us

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Can’t help but reply to today’s letters to the editor (Feb. 21) recommending Kelvin Driscoll, Democrat, for the 38th Assembly District seat.

While I don’t know anything about Mr. Driscoll, and he might be a viable candidate, I would like to point out a few evident facts about the general condition of California.

Right now we have 72% Democratic representation in the state Senate and 76% in the Assembly, known as a supermajority. They can pass anything they want, and they do.

What has that given us:

Homeless problem out of control.

Unaffordable rents and rising.

State retirement plan at a level that is virtually unsolvable.

Exodus out of the state by people capable of earning a good living and adding to tax collections.

Increase of illegal aliens not replacing lost taxes from exodus and adding to the benefits taken by food stamps and other benefits.

BUT we get laws banning straws and deceptively worded propositions such as Prop. 13 and others.

As was stated in the 2016 election for president: If you’re tired of the present situation, isn’t it time to try something else? What do you have to lose?

How about a more balanced Sacramento? The supermajority is not serving us.

Ron Singerman


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