Bernie Ellrodt | Garcia’s Decision-Making Needed

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I recently took part in interviews with local veterans regarding the upcoming California 25th District election, supporting Mike Garcia for Congress. Mike, a fellow former fighter pilot and combat vet, whom I have great respect for, is running for the vacated seat of Katie Hill. His opponent is Democrat Christy Smith.

An important background in this election, is the coronavirus pandemic. It is a war, though not the shooting war type, but nevertheless a war, and we must win. In a shooting war, as a combat fighter pilot, the importance of the mission, and threat of death, demands the best performance and decision-making. In the war on the virus, which includes the economic effects in our district and our country, we must have the same best performance and decision-making. Thus, I know Mike is the right choice to be our rep in Congress at this critical time. He has the skill, intellect and determination to make the right decisions in this war and at this critical time in our nation’s history.

Mike is a good guy — likable, personable, someone you’d want for a friend. And his accomplishments are extraordinary. If elected, he will bring the same energy and drive to his work as our 25th District representative. I also believe he will be a breath of fresh air in Congress — which that body needs. 

Bernie Ellrodt

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